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"14 Million Dreams" Original Score

"Mirage" Original Score

"Alien Among Us" Original Score

"Sierra Leone: Last Chance For Peace" Original Score

"Sting The Vegetarian Mosquito" Title Song

"Pipe Dreams" Original Score

"How Our Bible Came to Us American Bible Society" Voice Over

Babelfish Productions (2003)

Joseph Parlagreco (2001) 

Babelfish Productions (2000)

Babelfish Production (2000) 

Babelfish Productions (1999)

Ein Moi Ein (1997) 

Babelfish Productions (1994)


Lou Reed's "Berlin"

"A Million Dreams"

"The Soul Of A Man"

"Lou Reed: Rock & Roll Heart American Masters"

Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Charlotte Forever"


Babelfish Productions (2003)

PBS (2001)

PBS (1998)



Drummer's Resource

Serge Gainsbourg “LIVE”

Hot Wired Guitar: The Life of Jeff Beck By Martin Power

Modern Drummer


"Sticks and Skins”

Berklee Press

Le Battarie

The Boston Globe

Sam Ulano- Drum Files

Modern Drummer

The Oakland Tribune

Podcast (February 2016)

Book/DVD (November 2015)

(October 2014)

Interview (March 2011)

“Artist Spotlight” (July 2010)


(December 2006)




Interview (June 1981)

Interview (January 1979)

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